In Rockon we work with agencies around Europe on daily basis. We made a lot of mistakes during last 4 years. Check our 5 beginner mistakes doing offshore development that we have done.

With more projects in your pipeline you have to book more resources. If your pipeline is growing fast, especially at the beginning, you have to carefully grow your team with it. It’s almost impossible to make all the projects with a small team without using any resources outside your company. Try to find good flexible resources on freelance job for smaller parts of the projects and in the meantime find good employee that will fill your pipeline needs.

You can’t use email when you work with many clients. Email is maybe for pre-project stuff like exchanging brief with the client or maybe agree on timings. But when you start working on a project you have to use PM tool or some other tool that gives you a chance to sort out all the elements of the projects.

It’s connected with the resources of course. When you focus on relationship and finding new agencies to work with sometimes you forget that even small project is very important in terms of mutual trust. If you fail with small stuff you will probably fail with big stuff.

Even if you work with agencies in countries that are more developed than yours you can’t double your hourly rates. If you are too expensive sooner or later your clients won’t use your services any more.

All above is important in terms of a trust. And I know that trust is the most important thing when you work with somebody that you can’t meet in person. Offshore development is hard so… be good, plan your resources, communicate properly, don’t over price – gain your TRUST!