To find a reliable offshore team to manage your internet project may seem a difficult challenge. You will probably do much more thorough vetting than you would do with a company in your home area. So which are the best countries to hire software developers? Where to start looking for an IT team for your project? How to find specialists you can trust? 


How to decide on IT team to hire

What are the most important factors to consider when you think of the best countries to hire software developers team? You will probably put language and communication skills on top of the list, you will check experience, reliability, and opinions in the internet and so on. The home country of the company never goes unnoticed. If you ever worked with people from abroad before, you know people from different countries live, communicate and generally do their work in a different manner. Last but not least, every country has it’s own education system and work attitude. Good programmers are not dispersed evenly around the world. 


Global Services Location Index

A.T. Kearney annually published Global Services Location Index gives a good notion to the question of the best countries to hire software developers team. It measures financial attractiveness (measuring compensation, infrastructure, tax and regulatory costs), people skills and availability (cumulative business process experience and skills, education and language, labor force availability and attrition rates), and business environment (political and economic situation, country infrastructure, cultural adaptability and security of intellectual property). Last year (2016) Poland for the first time got to the TOP 10 (in 2015 Poland was 11th) as a single CEE country. According to the authors, the deciding factor was ‘strong improvement of compensation costs’.


Best countries to hire software developers. A.T. Kearney Global Service Location Index 2016

Source: A.T. Kearney Global Services Location Index 2016


Which countries have the best programmers?

If you look only at the programming skills, Polish programmers place themselves even higher.

HackerRank, an American technology company focusing on competitive programming challenges affiliating over 1 milion computer programmers around the world, provides ranks of the best programmers categorized by the country of origin and programming domain, e.g. algorithms, Java or data structures. Standardizing each country’s average score across all domains, with a maximum score set on 100 points by the winning country group, Poles got the 98 points (3rd place in the rank) and were overtook only by the programmers from China (100 points) and Russia (99 points), and had a similar level as the Switzerland (97,9 points). Although the rank does not include any other important factors, it can still be useful when looking for the best countries to hire software developers, showing simply their skills.

HackerRank best programmers by country 2016

Source: HackerRank summary, 2016


The outcome surprised even the authors of the summary who expected a lot better score of U.S. and India which provide the majority of competitors on HackerRank, yet only managed to get to 28th and 31st place in the rank.

HackerRank programmers by country 2016 on the map

Source: HackerRank summary on map, 2016

Surprisingly to HackerRank, Polish programmers made it to the TOP 5 in several domains: Java (no. 1!), algorithms, Python, tutorials, shell, and Ruby. Neither U.S. nor India programmers have got to the TOP 5 in any domain. According to the summary, skilled programmers worth hiring live mainly in Europe and Asia.


Outsourcing: offshore, nearshore, onshore?

As important as the considered by Global Services Location Index factors are, assigning weights to them is a particular matter. For instance, if you are looking only for the cheapest solution (meaning cheapest country), you will probably go with southeastern Asia. But are they really the best countries to hire software developers? In terms of cost-effectiveness and proximity, Central and Eastern Europe becomes more and more attractive every year with Poland as its leader thanks to the IT skills and cultural likeness between Poles and Western nations.  

For companies based in Western Europe hiring an IT team, Central and Eastern Europe seems almost a natural choice: no perceptible timezone or cultural difference with attractive costs make it quite easy in comparison with hiring an IT team from India or China. This certainly less demanding solution is called nearshore.

If you can go to meet the team you work with without much time spent on travel, it is called onshore – like cooperation between companies from Germany and Poland. In this case, intensifying contact between contractors is neither difficult nor time-consuming.


Why is Poland in TOP 10 best countries to hire software developers?

The main differentiators are:

  • fluency in English reducing language chasm concerns to minimum,
  • almost no cultural gap with people and companies from Western and Eastern Europe,
  • good education,
  • solid technical capabilities,
  • high skilled and experienced programmers,
  • high organizational culture.

According to the research by PAIiIZ (Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency), Grant Thornton and HSBC bank, 97% of foreign investors in Poland asked, if they were to invest in Poland, say they would have made this decision once again.

In CEE, information technology is perceived as the profession of tomorrow and attracts young and ambitious people. In the coming years, we can expect the rise of foreign IT investments in CEE countries, especially Poland due to its friendly environment and established position as skilled programmers homeland.

Poland joining TOP 10 in GLS Index is not exactly unexpected news for Rockon: we have known the general value of Polish programming companies offer in IT for over a decade. As Rockon we have made many projects for companies from US and many Western European countries like UK, Netherlands or Switzerland and due to our project management process, the distance with our partners never seemed to be an obstacle for any project.

So if you are looking for a qualified offshore IT team, get in touch with us!