Allow to live

Imagine a country full of coherence. Take a look how we were promoting the idea of transplantology.

#I Approach


Imagine country foull of coherence. More than half of polish poeple agree to donate their organs after death. Is more than 19 mln people. At the same time, almost 80% of us do not know the will of familiy and friends in this matter. For the company leaded by Fabryka Komunikacji Społecznej, we developed a digital tool in order to change that.


Create the tool which helps people to speak. The main goal was to decrease berriers to entry and simplicity of use. That is why we rejected the idea of instalation any software on mobile, etc. We created a simple web app, which allows you to share your will with others. 29% of people who visited the landing page decided to share.


Engage the whole country. With the mentioned before results we were pretty satisfied. But wanted more. We used the most popular solution for presenting geographical data - Google Maps to acivate cities. Each user could add his location to declaration. Basing on retrieved data we created the heat map and activated the cities to compete.

They already Rock

Our goal was to lead the user very quickly from advertising to declaring his opinion and declaration regarding the transplantation.