The day has come when you realize your website isn’t taking you up but is preventing your business from spreading its wings. Doesn’t support your goals and something seriously needs to be changed there.
Or you’re just starting your own company and need a booster for your business. No matter your reasons, take a look at your options if you want a website to make money for you.
It’s essential to think about it before you start talking to an agency about your website. If you let someone else do it for you – OK, you might stop reading here. But if you’re taking your website seriously – better clarify the idea of what do you want from your service. After all, no-one knows your business better than you do.


1. E-commerce service

The most obvious tool to sell what you offer. You may have a selected e-commerce platform you want on your site (great start!), choose one after doing some research or just accept what website developers propose to you. Our recommendation for a start would be WooCommerce, PrestaShop or Magento; if you need a more complex platform then you may consider Shopify and Drupal Commerce as well.

A homepage is one thing but every product page must look as well as a landing page since your potential customers will often start their journey on your site exactly where they can find the product they’re interested in.

Miss Liberte e-commerce site

Lingerie e-commerce service:


2. Corporate website

Must at least present your customers who you are, what you do and how to contact you. Don’t forget also about job section (with wise and adequate search tool) and latest achievements. A business website needs very professional look and adequate visualization of your activities. Every feature on the site must be easy to find and present your experience in what you do. The whole site needs to be examined to avoid any incoherence because it will make your brand seem amateurish and sloppy.

Investor Relations – PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna S.A.

3. Blog

Whether it’s just a personal blog with cooking recipes and videos or a business brand blog, it’s essential to make the content shine on the whole site. So the home page should encourage users to click on the articles and videos, share them and make users want to read it all. Then on the particular article site, it’s crucial to make it attractive visually and also easy to switch to another article to keep the users on your blog.

Of course getting users to read your texts and watch videos will not give you the money straight away. Yet it’s a good start for you to be noticed and remembered by people interested in your field. Eventually, when they need something you offer, you’ve increased the possibility of them knocking on the door of your online store.

Lonny Blog Accessible Home Design

Home design blog:


4. Single product website

Have a unique internet tool or an idea to establish one?

Or just a real-life remarkable product, the one of a kind?

You may want to show it from every angle, top to bottom. In this case, the images are the most important thing to show, and also its features and possible application variations pictured in best possible way. Although information about vendor should be easy to find, don’t let them cover your product! Logo linking to your information site on top should be enough. And maybe unfolding purchase options. Well, social media icons are also useful BUT! Don’t forget about the general impression that your product/service needs on the foreground!

Rayhem Thermostats

Raychem Floor Heating Thermostats:


With an online product or service, you can start monetizing almost instantly after launching the website.

Like a service where you can ‘process’ your image and get a beautiful picture in a style you choose. The best illustration of this kind of service is showing works of the users (plus easiness to share them in social media where they can go viral).

Ostagram picture

Image tools service Ostagram:


5. Portfolio website

Are you a photographer, designer, CEO of an architect company maybe? That might be the best type of a website for you. You need to present your works aesthetically and show how you made them. Also rich content and well-balanced slider (or something to bring motion) would be helpful, right?

With a right concept, design, and implementation, this kind of site might become your main source of offline customers.

Fotografia architektury wnętrz nieruchomości yassen hristov 2
Fotografia architektury wnętrz nieruchomości yassenhristov com

Interior architecture photographer portfolio:


6. Industry news site

Want to start a news website, online magazine, or platform for bloggers? Already found your niche and want to start writing about it? Great! With a deep understanding of your potential readers, passionate crew of writers, high frequency of new articles and friendly designed website you can make a lot of money! There are vast options of monetization: you can join an affiliate marketing network (like Google Display Network), offer display ads space and manage the advertisers directly, publish sponsored articles or offer additional paid content… But the first thing you can’t omit is the website – remarkable user experience and matching it for the industry.
Technology and culture online news magazine:


7. Music/movies/series site

Hard to compete with YouTube or Vimeo, but that’s not the point. Rich audio/video-on-demand services offer usually rich content for subscribers and only the limited version for free users.

Great business module but not so easy to start. But if you do – after signing an agreement with content providers which can take a while – it can be a goldmine for you.

Yet you need a flawless service with a huge hosting space (especially in the case of videos). Definitely beyond a reach of a regular WordPress/Joomla! user.

Usually attached to a big internet news service or a big television station online service.

VoD TVN Player

VOD service from television station:


8. Landing page

Very useful tool if you want to launch a marketing campaign and persuade users to take precise action. It can be taking part in a competition which might get you many contacts, buying your product/service, downloading your paper, and so on. Large call to action banner is a must. Without distractions appearing on almost every homepage, there’s a better chance of high conversion rates.

The page below might not be an example how to use a website to make money but this is how Rockon has done something much more valuable. The landing page encouraged Polish people do fill organ donor declaration and increased number of registered donors.

Organ donor declaration page:


Already decided on the kind of website to make money?

There are lots of different kinds of websites and their business profiles, above-mentioned are just some most popular examples. You can combine them as you like and customize them to fit your kind of business.

Have we managed to get you a little bit closer to a website to make money for you? Please give us feedback.

If you have in mind the concept for a website and need an agency to create a detailed vision of what you have in mind, we are here to help. We are open to innovative projects to develop rockin’ website to make money for our Customers!